Updated 09-09-05

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Time to dig some holes.

                               Ebony instructing, us watching, Ebony instructing, us watching some more, and yup...Ebony instructing the excavator again and we still got grand canyon sized footings. DAM!!!


Putting in a septic line and the parking area.

 Lay down the rock, fill the grand canyon of footings back to reason, and plumb up. LOOK OUT FOR THE PLUMBER CRACK!!! (was a close call)


  Insulate, vapor beerier, rebar/wire, and Keith inspecting, approving but shaking his head at what is left of the grand canyon sized footings after backfilling them.

Time to pump mud and put a finish on it.

    Golfer Darrel digging down through the fill trying to find some hard ground to put the post footings on.

Pouring the mechanical room slab. (Take note of how well the fat boy handles the one wheeled demon with 200+ pounds of mud in it.)





    Framing begins. Slab covered with masonite to protect it. It will be uncovered, stained and polished after all painting is done and just before base board goes down.

Beam Day!!!


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